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The Prophecy has been fulfilled!

I knew it.

I knew I would put aside writing on this thing and months would pass before getting back to it.

So . . . there you go.

I've finished writing my third book and now in the process of editing it. My first novel length work is titled Carly, which is about two men's encounter with an old-timey style vampire. The second one I wrote is called The Sumpter Countdown, which is a title I really don't like. That story revolves around childhood ghost stories and their origins. The last one is titled William Wormhands. I'm not gonna mention what that one is about because my wife has not read/reviewed the story yet. She gets first look. I've been lazy about sending out any of my short stories for publication. Guess I could simply say that I've been busy, but that's no excuse for not getting things done. I have been very focused on Wormhands.

By the way, if there are any publishers out there reading this and you're very drunk and feeling softhearted at the moment, e-mail me and I'll send ya Carly. Remember that I'm your best friend, you love me, and you've already read and enjoyed the book and wish, nay, demand that it be sent off immediately for publication.

I will be entering the Renderosity Halloween Contest again this year. The theme this time is Zombie Apocalypse. I wrote two zombie stories and will be submitting my favorite to the contest, the other will be posted here for your amusement. I believe one has to be a member of the Renderosity community to read and vote on the submitted story. If the terms and agreement stuff allows me to post the other story here, I will do so.

Check by once in a while, I'll try to do better at putting something up.

Vale in hoc praesenti tempore usque proxime habendo,



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