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Tired of Titanic

One columnist, can't remember which, recently wrote that all the uber-hubbub going on during for the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was "the celebration of a tragedy." Some carnival cruise ship line has a special Titanic tour going on where passengers can travel the sunken ship's route and view the wreckage area while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of a party. I can't think of any other terrible event that has received the same level of festivity. No one throws parties for the crash of the Hindenburg* or reenacts the 1914 sinking of the Empress of Ireland which resulted in the loss of 1012 lives. The fascination with the Titanic does seem strange, but then if I had James Cameron money guess I would want to investigate some mystery on my own also.** However, I admit, that I am so tired of Titanic.
     I guess the fascination rises from the event since it has all the fantastic elements that make a good story; As Arachne invited disaster by boasted that her skill was greater than the Goddess Athena*** so did man brag that the modern ship was "unsinkable even by God himself,"**** it was the maiden voyage, the orchestra played as the ship sank, the men seeing that the women and children made it to the life boats, etc. Hollywood alterations increase the romantic allure, even with all the historical inaccuracies.
     I think movies that have no historical inaccuracies are called documentaries.
     Anyway, I just want to state for the record that I am tired of the Titanic; the investigations, the deep sea dive specials, the movies ( No offense, James***** ), the TV shows ( CSI Titanic ), articles and et cetera.
     Say, when is the anniversary of the Donner Party thing? Wonder if some one will sponsor a bike ride to follow the trail. Barbecue afterwards.

* Hindenburlooza maybe?

** I would go after Bigfoot. You can't hide from me, Sasquatch! YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME FOREVER!

*** I'm allowing myself to be classically dramatic here. More dramatics scheduled next Thursday.

**** I've seen and heard this quote in many a place, but don't know the source. Who said it? Bet that guy had a hell of an 'oops' moment.

***** Mr. Cameron. I call him James.



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