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As of this writing, it is a mere 206 days to the End 'O The World. Well, at least according to some folk's interpretation of the Mayan calender. Plenty of shopping time to get something for that Doomsday Prepper on your gift list. How is it going to happen? You have quite a variety of choices:

1) Various versions of an economic collapse leading to a Mad Max kind of world.
2) Galactic Alignment causing some sort of weirdness.
3) Shift in the magnetic poles.
4) Ancient Mayans just really freakin' hated us and wanted to mess with us from beyond the grave. We go ape shit and destroy ourselves.
5) Hidden mystery Planet X will smash into the Earth.
6) World War III. ( various causes )
7) Great Cthulhu will arise in anger from his eons long slumber, demanding that we stop writing these stories about him because in reality, "I'm a really nice guy." From that point, folks from Innsmouth will star in their own reality TV show with some horrible title like "Real World R'lyeh," "Living Dagonite," "Doin' It In Dunwich," or "Survivor: Arkham."
8) What was I talkin' about? Oh yeah, Doomsday scenarios.
9) Great awakening to greater spiritual consciousness, which sounds good to me. Guess the End Time part of this scenario means the shift away from old paradigms of thought to a more enlightened outlook, via New Age spirituality.
10) The Rapture.
11) The Earth will stop spinning.
12) Because Nostradamus, in some obscure quatrain, said so. Nuff said.

     It amazes me how many people are latching onto this mind set of doom. Not just doom, but DOOM. But then again, we humans have this thing about dates and prophecies. I remember on New Years Eve of 1999 there was the idea that once humanity crossed over into 2000 it would be the End Times via Y2K, pole shift, aliens, Rapture, what-have-you. When Medieval Europe was approaching the year 1000, some people believed that the date coincided with the end of the world for no real reason except that it was the number One Thousand, which sounds like it should be important. We all know how that turned out.* It wasn't so long ago that Harold Camping predicted the End Date to be May 21 of 2011. We also know how that one turned out.** I also find it interesting that some so-called Biblical Prophets, like Jack Van Impe, who has been predicting the End of the world since the 1950's and hosts the "Biblical Prophecy Portal of the Internet," have been using Nostradamus and the 2012 Mayan thing to authenticate their interpretations of future events. Impe has been spouting out the same predictions over decades, altering current events to flesh out his view. Compare a recent broadcast to one twenty years ago and it will look the same except Impe and his wife are a bit older. Never mind that all previous predictions have fallen flat, they continue on. What is weird is the use of these, what I'm sure these guys would normally label, non-christian sources to validate their Biblical predictions.

     I believe that the Earth, and most of us, will still be around on Dec. 22 of 2012. What I wonder about are the folk that had prepared for the Doom. What do they do now? When Camp's prediction came and went, many people who had believed that there would be no more world on May 22 went into a depression, despondent over giving away their belongings and having their spiritual desires deflated. I would like these shows featuring Preparers of Doom to do a follow up on the people. Not to make fun of them but just to see what is their state of mind. What do you do when Doomsday doesn't happen? One would think relief, but these people spent a good part of their lives, not to mention money, getting ready for the Big One. It's like spending your money on ski equipment and taking time for ski lessons only to find out you are going to the beach. Maybe like Impe, they'll just switch their fears to another day. One of them is bound to stick.

     One last thing; in all of these Doom Prepper shows the preparers spend time, effort, and energy in obtaining gold, believing that the economy will tank and precious metals will be the only trade worthy material. Serious waste of resources. If I had a pantry of food and you came to me with the offer of exchanging gold for food, I would agree to two cans of potatoes and one can of chicken for one pound of gold. If you don't like it, have fun eating your gold. No one is going to be impressed with gold if yer livin' in Mad Max world. It really has no use except that it's pretty and is a fantastic paper weight.

* If you don't know, SPOILER ALERT: the Earth went on existing.
** If you don't know, SPOILER ALERT: We are still here.


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