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I read  #700 of Spiderman, the now infamous Death o' Peter Parker issue.


I see it as the same as the Death of Superman stuff from waaay back. However, the Superman story line started with the approach of comparing the grittier heroes ( Guy Gardner, etc) to the, let's use the word nobler, hero of Superman. Everyone took the Superman style hero for granted and when he was gone experienced the lose of such an ideal. The story line had an effect; comic sales went up and Superman was big news in the media. Of course he didn't stay dead and we kinda knew he wouldn't. The story line was in the works for a while and even hinted at in other titles. In Hawk and Dove (yes, I read Hawk and Dove, what of it?) the chaos lord Child discovered the tattered cape of Superman, the same featured on the cover of Superman issue 75 vol 2, while rummaging through Mr. Barter's shop, and that issue of H&D was several months before Man of Steel's death.

I'm just of the opinion that the writer's approach was lazy, going more for the drama created by fan reaction than concern for the meat of the story. His approach will only create annoying problems in the end if it is canon. The entire story arch could have been done as a 'What If' type covering several issues, which would have been fine. Most "What If's" cover one issue or a special graphic novel and it would have been interesting story to read if played out with more writing space to explore.* The No Man's Land story in Batman, at least for me, created problems. Gotham is torn apart by an earthquake and abandoned by the United States in a story line that addresses the question 'what is civilization?' Blah blah blah, stuff happens, somehow the Joker gets away with killing Gordon's wife, and Lex Luthor comes in with his billions and fixes Gotham City. (there's actual more details than that, go read) And wha-lah, everything is back to normal. I often wondered if Luthor rebuilt everything to exactly what it once was, like every dark abandoned gothic building and shadowed alleyway was rebuilt as a dark abandoned gothic building and shadowed alleyway. Anyway, it's just one of those magic wand sort of things.

In the Spiderman #700, the bad guy really did win. Or more to the point, the hero really did lose. Or maybe Peter did win by warping Doc Ock personality, which was already warped, I don't know. Peter seemed awful accepting that the vilest of villains would be nuzzling Mary Jane and taking care of Aunt May. The story could have been approached in so many different ways, but it seemed the crappiest of the paths was chosen. Peter Parker will return, of course, guess we will just see what is on this road the writer has chosen.**

If all the above doesn't label me a comic geek, I don't know what will.

* realized that sentence might not make sense. I mean one doesn't have to be limited to a normal comics page restrictions. Man, I shouldn't write when tired, cause that sentence didn't make sense.

** what I think will happen is that Doctor Octopus himself will somehow bring Peter Parker back. I mean, Octopus was dead one time before and The Hand brought him back to life. He'll come to the conclusion that only Peter can be Spiderman or something. I probably could have articulated this better, but me tired, I stop now.


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