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Back in 1987 there was this thing called New Age.

     With the passing of the Apocalypse (which in a way is like waiting for the cable guy; you wait for them to come but they never show up and then you call the cable company which results in the date moved back so you wait for him again.) I reflected on other similar events and wondered if they were so off.
     Simply, there was an event called the Harmonic Convergence that was suppose to herald in a new age of wonderful things. I'm going to make a brief argument that the convergence did happen but we just don't know what to do with it.
     Birth is not painless. There is never something for nothing. There is a responsibility for every gift. There was no magic arrival of hordes of angelic beings piloting UFOs that went about busily sweeping away ignorance and stupidity with their enlightened saturated brooms, all accompanied by the music of David Wright. However, there has come about an amazing openness that has allowed expression and help to those in need, forgotten, or abandoned. Let's look at some claims made prior to the convergence.

     The convergence is purported to have "corresponded with a great shift in the earth’s energy from warlike to peaceful."

     Well, if you look at the years since 1987, society in America, and it's the reader's opinion if this applies to the rest of the world, has shifted to accepting what was once not acceptable. Gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, etc. Then there is the greater knowledge of mental and physical conditions and understanding of those that suffer from such conditions; depression, bipolar, ADHD, AIDS, etc. Sexual predators are exposed and now their victims can speak out when before they were imprisoned by fear and shame. Individuals find solidarity in groups when they once thought they were alone. Information has become so easily accessible.  With increased knowledge came greater understanding and acceptance of those believed to be so different. Tyrannical regimes that once controlled news and other information have discovered they can no longer do so. The oppressed were no longer feeling isolated or powerless.

. . . many of the planet's "false structures of separation" would collapse.

     Uh, believed I kinda covered that in the above. These quotes, I fully admit, were cut & pasted from Wikipedia. Not sure who said them. So I'm lazy today, forgive me.
     You get the idea. We have these amazing gifts, these technological advances, that have opened up these astonishing doors and broke through once thought impregnable walls. It is up to us to use these advances to a beneficial effect. In other words, we have to work at harmony and peacefulness, not expect it to wondrously plop down in our laps. We have tools, we need to use them. It involves effort. Work. Some pain. Some sacrifice. Don't be silent. Don't be afraid. Don't be blind.
     Birth is not painless. There is never something for nothing. There is a responsibility for every gift.


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