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Of the dang Irish and old books

I went to the annual Shepard Center used book sale held in the early part of May. They had a ton of science-fiction (an awful lot of Poul Anderson, for some reason, and I'm not complaining). I didn't make it past the paperbacks, rare books, and older classics section, due to the fact that by that point I went a few buck over my budget. Like last year, I found some cool stuff.

     I'm not looking at the older books for monetary value, just for something that I find cool. However, I did find a first printing of Tarzan of the Apes for my wife.

     One neat book that I purchased is Half Hours In The Far East; Among the People and Wonders of India. There is no print date, but from what evidence I found online it was published between 1886 to 1900. This book was written in a time when India was the faaaaaaar East and an exotic land of mystery. Not saying it isn't now, just when it has a Facebook page you lose
some of your mystery. Remember when Sasquatch got his Facebook page? He lost some of his mystique. Of course all the pictures were out of focus.
     The author of Half Hours In The Far East was very British. You'll see.

     I plan to examine more of this book later, but for now let's look at one piece of important information which would benefit someone traveling to 1890s India. One needs to know the difference between a Bombay carriage and a Bombay cart.


  Hopefully, you can read the pages here. There is one section that's really special at the bottom of the first page. I'll write it out for you;

         ' . . . I receive my first impression of India,- impressions, first, of the Irish or gipsy-like squalor of the native town."

So the problem with Bombay was all the Irish? I'm trying to combine the accents in my head . . . and it hurts. Sheesh. I'm sure the author made many friends during his travels.
     I'll be examining more of this charming and horribly racist book in the next few days.

I have no idea why the typeface keeps changing. Weird.




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