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Back to India

Well, we learned of the horrible influence the Irish had on Bombay by reading a passage from Half Hours in the Far East. Next we turn our attention to the dietary habit of pirates.

The pages of the book do not scan well. If I sharpen the image it gets all pixaly. I've tried my best to make the images clearer.


What we have here is the impressive Pirate's Water Gate in Jingeera. The author mentions the Pariar tribe, and if you notice the blocked section, seem to dine on carrion. On the next page we learn that  "the Naidas are wretched outcasts, whom no slave would touch. They wander about in companies, and howl like dogs, keeping at a distance from all passers by, who if they wish to give them food leave it for them on the ground."


The pirate gate belongs to the Mopilla tribe. Try googling that and you get Mozilla, even though you insist you are looking for the Mopilla. Even when you go with Mopilla, Google really really wants you to go with Mozilla. Bing wants to make them Native Americans. No, they are the Pirate Masters of late 1800s Malabar that own an impressive gate. How impressive? Although the picture isn't great ( I tried!) if you can figure out that mass in the opening of the gate, it is a group of 40 or so people, so by comparison it's a pretty freakin' big gate.

Another cool illustration is this one of the Elephanta Caves, ready for exploration.


The author was quite taken with the inhabitants of the area. "Why they should have impressed me so much I can hardly tell. As a matter of course, I had fully anticipated meeting such persons; nevertheless few things struck me more than hearing a Hindoo speak beautiful English."

I'm guessing traveling with this guy would be like traveling with your bigoted uncle who doesn't realized that he's bigoted.

The author might have fainted if one came up and said "top of the mornin' to ye, laddy."

Remember earlier, what he said about the Irish, and that phrase being all stereotypical, and all . . . oh, never mind.

Btw, why have I been late in posting more stuff? Look what I did to my toe. That's why.

toes 001

It shouldn't be purple.



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