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I have a theory . . .

I have a theory about the Ice King.

He needs a kiss, a willing kiss, mind you, from a princess in order to break some sort of enchantment he is under.

     The Kiss is important in Adventure Time. The act has been featured in several episodes:

* Finn's & Flame Princess's first kiss.
* The ending of the episode "Thank You."
* Finn lifting the curse off of Prince Huge (he was the monstrous frog).
* Kiss from Bubblegum is the reward for winning the Wizard's Dual.
* Kiss of Death returns Jake's memory when the adventuring pair went to the Land of the Dead.
* On the cover of the Ice King's fan fic has a picture of him and Fionna kissing.
* whole bunch of other instances which I don't feel like listing.

     There is also the time Ice King attempted to kiss Marcelline . . .

   Yes, I watch Adventure Time! What of it?!?

. . . and she is a vampire queen. So, my theory is that the Ice King needs a willing kiss from a princess-type, or a female hero, in order for Simon to gain full control over the crown or get his memory back or to be free of its influence. The kiss from Finn didn't do the trick, which is why Ice King wishes that Fionna was real because her kiss would work to break whatever enchantment he is under. Finn stated that for a kiss to work in breaking an enchantment it had to be willing, or something of that sort, maybe, I think . . . .

     I have nothing else to add. I don't know how to end this.


                                                       THE END



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