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Riverdale and all things Archie

Soon Riverdale will premiere on the CW. For those who don’t know, the series is based on Archie Comics. They have all the primary and secondary characters from the comics in the show from Reggie, Betty, Jughead to Moose, Big Ethel, and Mrs. Grundy. It’s all angsty, dramatic, and edgy.

    I find this hilarious.

    Anyone who has read Archie comics knows that the stories get as edgy as any I Love Lucy script. There’s nothing wrong with that. I read a lot of Archie comics when I was a kid and enjoyed them. I even have the crossover issue when Archie Andrews teamed up with Marvel’s Punisher. (it’s a fun read) I wish the CW luck in this venture. Wonder if they plan to portray Jughead with some sort of food addiction.

    But I wonder, if it is successful will the networks will look to other comic series to turn all moody, dramatic, angst-driven, etc. The next choice should be obvious.

    It should be Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Image result for casper the ghost comic

    Casper would not be a child ghost in the show (when you think about it, the comic book was rather dark, he is the ghost of a deceased child after all) but a teenager or at least some under 24-year-old. Casper will have died from some tragic event, be it car crash, murder, or whatnot. His spirit cannot rest until he discovers the cause of his death. He needs help in his quest, so in steps Wendy the Good Little Witch.

    Wendy the Good Witch will be the goth girl or such at the school who reads Stephen King and is into the occult and all that jazz. Casper at first communicates to her through a Ouija board and then later Wendy develops the ability to see him. She helps him in his quest.

    Then there’s Spooky, the Tuff Little Ghost. Only in the TV series he will be Casper’s troubled cousin from Brooklyn come to live with Casper’s family in order to straighten his life out. His girlfriend Poil will of course be present, maybe as a local girl who likes the bad boys.

Next is Hot Stuff the Little Devil. In the TV series, he will be a half-demon trying to be normal kid at school while hiding his devilish nature. Wendy will out Hot Stuff at some point and he joins Casper in seeking out his murderer.

The Ghostly Trio will be the tough guy supernatural troublemakers who attempt to influence Casper to be evil or something.
Y’know, I started this as poking fun at the concept of Riverdale, but I think I’d probably watch something like this. Maybe I need to write a pilot.

    And Casper can still be the friendly ghost, because he needs the positive energy from friendships in order to manifest into a quasi-physical form.

    Archibald the Talking Wishing Well can be some sort of place spirit. And Nightmare the Ghost Horse can be a ghost of a killed animal that Casper befriends, and he can ride the horse to wherever he needs to go. Maybe they were killed by the same person?

    Still need some sort of love interest for Casper. Don’t see it being Wendy. I see her hooking up with Hot Stuff. The Friendly Ghost’s love interest will be a new character introduced midseason. Or maybe bring in Dot, the girl who loved dots. The series can deal with her obsessive-compulsive issues involving dots.

    And Fedie, remember him? Or her? Well, I do. He will be Casper’s spirit guide.

    Shit, yes, I would watch this.


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