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Language evolves. Like any other critter that evolves sometimes words die out, alter to fit a different environment, broadened or narrowed their habitat, or become something completely different.

     Enter the book Unfortunate English by Bill Brohaugh. According to Mr. Brohaugh's research, back in the 1700s the word fizzle meant "to fart discretely." I think of that sorta-fact we've all heard about the Eskimos having 20 different words for snow and wonder what was going on in 1700s England that they needed such an expression. But then, it is the land of Shakespeare. Language  is suppose to move you.
     The knowledge now makes it impossible to take anyone trying to sound like Snoop Dogg seriously. Let's examine an example of Snoop language;

Snoop dizzle pizzled to cizzle to be da bizzle! Watch Doggy fizzle on da televizzle! It's off da chizzart fo shizzart!

I really have no freakin' idea what the first sentence is saying. Imagine the 80s G.I. Joe cartoon Cobra Commander trying to say that line. The next two sentences indicate that Dogg is on the television and his performance is extraordinary, you should watch it. But now the true meaning of the word makes it seem that Snoop is farting, although discretely, on a TV show. Oh no.
     For further consideration; in Old English the term fisting meant breaking wind. I'm sure for some, this information will now ruin the enjoyment of certain web sites. It's your fault for reading all this.
     I don't remember if I had a point to all this. If I did, it's gone now.


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