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We are gross

Humans are disgusting

      I refer not to our many questionable actions as a species, but our biological selves. I mean, really gross stuff. Not only do we manufacture poop and pee ( I assume these are safe words to use here, we're all adults ) but our bodies produce oils, fluids, glops, gloops, and other questionable conglomerations that seem, to me, unnecessarily horrible.

      Did you know that our skin contains little glands* that create an oily waxy secretion called sebum. Oily AND waxy? Yuck! Why?

      There's more hideousness;

      The spleen is made up of White and Red Pulp.  WHY?

      Did you know that the tissues in your abdominal wall and pelvic cavity is covered with
something called Peritoneal fluid, which contains cells of a phagocytic nature. And this stuff flows upward from your pelvis to coat those insides in order to make them all slippery and slide-ee. Then it drains off into the lacunae of the diaphragmatic lymphatics. It does this all the time!

And Endolymph? By its spelling it should be the name of a creature created by Lovecraft.

      Why does the human body, or any animal, need all these different fluids? Did you know our body produces more than one type of sweat? Were we as a species not happy with the one?

* They're called
Sebaceous glands. And they can be found on your nipples. Why?**

You learn a lot of interesting things in Anatomy & Physiology class. Grotesque things.


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Mar. 17th, 2011 09:45 pm (UTC)
"They're called Sebaceous glands. And they can be found on your nipples. Why?"

It's an escape mechanism...lets us slide down mountainsides on our chests.
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