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In the Texas burg of Old Town Spring rises the latest in religious expression; Pole Dancing for Jesus.

     Well, to be accurate, it's pole fitness for Jesus. Y'see, there's pole dancing like at strip clubs and then there's strip fitness which is for . . . well, fitness, I guess. Don't laugh, now. It is popular enough movement to have the international Pole Fitness Association ( the PFA ). They are working hard to get pole fitness into the Olympics. No, serious.
     Which makes me wonder where the hell do they go to practice for events? Places named BabyDolls and Gentleman's Leer maybe?
     To quote the web site; "Pole Fitness as an art, science, and sport has progressed significantly in the past several years. Professional industry representation, leadership and promotion are vital to building and sustaining the reputation of our athletic art form as a safe, effective form of exercise that every woman of every shape and size can enjoy."
     When you see it, there isn't any difference between that and someone twirling on a pommel horse or spinning on the rings.*  Pole dancing has been around way long before being introduced to strip joints, actually. So no big deal; it's a form of exercise, art, and gymnastics.
     Well, unless you do it for Jesus.  There are plenty of folk in town that don't take to the idea of spinning on poles, but then they don't have to dance, do they?  At the Old Town Spring ( What a cumbersome name for a place. Why not Old Town, or Old Spring? It's like naming a place That Thar Tree. ) a small class of women spin on poles while listing to Christian music. No guys sitting around in a dark while nursing cheap beers and sucking down cigarettes. ( I know what it's like, I watch TV ) The only viewers are the occassional passer by and . . . Jehovah, I guess. Maybe Moses. I see no difference from this form of exercise and Karate For Christ programs or Christ Centered Yoga.**

Here is the story: abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story

* Why aren't pommel horses used in strip clubs? Take up too much space maybe. Plus, if you mess up on the dismount you endanger the audience.

** Or Buddhists For Baptisms, B'nai B'rith Break Dancing, Kemetic Kickball League, Amish Arm Wrestling Alliance, Asatru Bowling Night . . . and so on.


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