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Grabbing for the Gorilla

Part One of what was to be a one part piece.

Not everything is on the Internet.

So, don't be too impressed with this technological terror we've constructed. *

Yes, yes, yes, I understand the convenience of being able to look up anything instantly, no matter where you are. And no, I'm not a fuddy-duddy, cranky about everyone staring zombiefied into their phones while their thumbs dance.** What I am growling about is the quality of the information one is receiving. I feel that many people have lost the ability to question their sources and therefore just accept whatever crap that pops up in response to a Google query as truth.

Do this little experiment; Pick any three topics and submit it to Wikipedia. Once the page is up, highlight and copy the 1st paragraph ( no matter how long it is, get the entire thing-a-roo ) and paste it into Google search. Then click the button. I'm willing to bet that no matter what topic you picked the first several pages will be exact copies of the Wikipedia entry; in other words, simple cut-n-paste.

Here are three topics that I picked to do this little test on and how many entries came up as exact copies of Wikipedia :

The Fonz > 30 entries, all copied until you start coming to a few with a word or two changed in a sentence.

Nuts ( the food ) > 20ish

Pigeons > I gave up after 130 entries, all those sites had pasted directly from the Wikipedia article.

So what?

Maybe the Internet hasn't become a vast storehouse of information, but a storehouse of limited, copied information. With the same information presented redundantly, then verification of facts and degrees of scholarship are effected. And yes, there are degrees of scholarship when looking into 70s sit-com characters.

Plus, not everything is on the internet. Case in point, the Gorilla of Ungodliness!


ugly ungodly gorilla

Okay, the Gorilla of Ungodliness was a stunt used by a a woman named Aimee McPherson, aka Sister Aimee of the Foursquare Church. She was quite the show-person evangelist during the 1920's & 30's.*** Sister Aimee fought the mighty ape to demonstrate her struggle against the teaching of evolution. Searching online provided no pictures of the GoU.  I found the Sister, but not the ape.

(Continued below)

* insert one geeky Star Wars reference

** and
while texting they freakin' walk into you! Then they look at you like you made 'em do it on purpose. Makes me want to light their eyes on fire.

*** She had an interesting history; supposedly slept with Milton Berle, creating soup kitchens for the poor, rode motorcycles during sermons, broke racial barriers, and allegedly faked her own kidnapping.

Photo of the Gorilla of Ungodliness scanned from Strange Cults by Angus Hall, Danbury Press, 1976.

Part Two; or Damnit.

Well, I was looking for Gorilla of Ungodliness, which the rest of the world apparently calls the Gorilla of Evolution. ( Like Gorilla of Ungodliness better, more zing. ) I blame Angus I'll-Make-Up-My-Own-Labels-Thank-You Hall.

I performed another search using different phrases and came across five references with the above picture. Pardon me while I eat my hat.

Okay, I still hold by what I wrote; not everything is on the Internet. Plus a lot of what is on the Net is passed information from one source.

I guess this is a long-winded way of saying “go read a book.”

Or not to rely on the net to have all the answers/resources.

I have decided to embark on a quest to find weird and unusual things* to post and pointlessly comment on.

*As opposed to things weird but not unusual.

Yep, those ethereal screams come outta that abandoned house every Tuesday, like clockwork. Yawn.”


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