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I should have been clearer on my last post. I meant to say that I'll seek out weird things not already posted on the Internet, or at least not widely represented. There are plenty of weird things out there ( like do an image search on the word zub, you get images of wristwatches and teeth ) but I'm looking for the underrepresented.

Here's one;

Real life steam-punk.

A guy that looks like he should be straight out of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. ( the graphic novel or movie ) (The photos have been scanned from Firearms Curiosa, Lewis Winant, Bonanza Books, New York, 1955)



      The man pictured is Charles Noe Daly, and he traveled the world fighting supernatural monsters. Well, ok, I don't know if he did, but he should have. C'mon, look at him! The book ( pg. 12) states that the armor was "found in Bordeaux in 1917" and found its way into the collection of aforementioned Mr. Daly. It was sold at auction on July 5, 1935. No idea where the thing is now.

      The cuirass weighs 30 pounds and holds nineteen cartridge pistols. Here is a further description from Firearms Curiosa;

"cuirass of steel . . . when brought into a right angle position may be fired in batteries of four and five by pressing the studs and levers, which release the hammers which are cocked by a hook carried on a chain." The armor also came with a pair of stirrups that contained two pistols, which would fire by pulling on a strap in case one is pursued or attacked from behind. (ibid)


      I don't think too many people wanted to get on Mr. Daly's bad side.
      Here are the stirrups.


      Firearms Curiosa goes on to say "undoubtedly the most remarkable freak in the line of small arms extant, and the life work of some French armourer of the first order." In other words; no one knows who made it, why they made it, and where it is now. I like to believe the daring Mr. Daly used it in his battles against sinister leyaks in 1920s Bali.

"Thank God these savage creatures have been dealt with. What happened to them?"
"Charles N. Daly, that's what happened to them."



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